Child Support

Both parents are expected to contribute to the financial cost of raising their children, even if the parents are not together.

Child support is assessed and collected by the Australian government Department of Human Services (DHS) and is calculated using both parents’ incomes. Payments are generally transferred to the parent who has majority care of the children.

Centrelink, requires you seek child support payments in order to receive Family Tax Benefit payments. However, if you are concerned seeking child support payments may impact on your safety, or the safety and wellbeing of your children, you should speak to a Centrelink social worker.

Having Problems?

If you are not receiving payments you are entitled to, or payments are irregular and/or only partially paid, it can become difficult to meet your children’s expenses.   It also makes budgeting and planning harder when payments are not being made on time, are reduced, or stopped without explanation.

If child support payments are not being paid you will need to inform Centrelink to ensure you are receiving the correct amount of Family Tax Benefit.

Links and phone numbers

Child Support:  131 272

DHS self service and online services

Child Support complaints line: 1800 132 468

For independent assistance call us

or go to:

Victorian Legal Aid Child Support: 1300 792 387


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