Micro-Aggressions and Single Mothers

CSMCVoices of Single Mothers

Micro-aggressions – the many little devaluing and disrespectful verbal interactions and injustices that are almost too small to identify, but accumulate to make the recipient feel judged, undermined and demoralised. Sound familiar? I think for many single mothers, it will. Last week I was delighted to attend the Women’s Policy Action Tank which aimed to put women in the centre of policy development. It was an amazing array of cross-sector panels, new research and helpful insights, much of which is very relevant to CSMC’s work with single mothers. Still fresh in my CEO role, I was very proud to be … Read More

Alex Girle: What A Current Affair didn’t tell you

CSMCCSMC, Voices of Single Mothers

When Alex Girle invited reporter Ben McCormack from A Current Affair (ACA) into her home she did so openly, trusting he was there to tell her story with honesty and integrity and to report on her efforts to improve the life of her family. Alex allowed McCormack and his camera crew to spend two days following and filming her family, getting to know her and befriending her children. Watching the footage it’s clear Alex and her children felt comfortable with the reporter and were lulled into a false sense of safety. At one stage Alex’s disabled son sweetly pats McCormack … Read More

Parenting in an age of uncertainty

CSMCVoices of Single Mothers

by Liz Shield   (Image credit: Ross Griff, flickr creative commons)   CSMC member, Liz Shield, shares how she finds meaning and beauty in life, teaching her values and exploring the world with her daughter, while making the most of what she has. As parents, we all vary, but essentially what we want is to do what we think is best for our children and to protect them from harm.  Right? I am a single mum with a 15 month old daughter and some days I feel like this is achievable. Other days, I am swamped by a tidal wave … Read More