HILDA Report reveals the truth about child support

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The 12th annual statistical report of the HILDA Survey was released yesterday. The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey is a longitudinal study started in 2001 that follows a representative group of Australian households. Media attention has focused on insights the data provides into significant economic shifts, such as those under 40 being locked out of the housing market or struggling with higher mortgage debt, and significant changes in attitudes to same sex marriage. The lens that Council of Single Mothers and their Children applies is, of course, to examine what the data tells us about the … Read More

Tackling housing unaffordability: a 10-point national plan

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 Image courtesy of image catalog flickr cc Hal Pawson, UNSW Australia; Bill Randolph, UNSW Australia; Judith Yates, University of Sydney; Michael Darcy, University of Western Sydney; Nicole Gurran, University of Sydney; Peter Phibbs, University of Sydney, and Vivienne Milligan, UNSW Australia The widening cracks in Australia’s housing system can no longer be concealed. The extraordinary recent debate has laid bare both the depth of public concern and the vacuum of coherent policy to promote housing affordability. The community is clamouring for leadership and change. Especially as it affects our major cities, housing unaffordability is not just a problem for those … Read More