Parenting in an age of uncertainty

CSMCVoices of Single Mothers

by Liz Shield   (Image credit: Ross Griff, flickr creative commons)   CSMC member, Liz Shield, shares how she finds meaning and beauty in life, teaching her values and exploring the world with her daughter, while making the most of what she has. As parents, we all vary, but essentially what we want is to do what we think is best for our children and to protect them from harm.  Right? I am a single mum with a 15 month old daughter and some days I feel like this is achievable. Other days, I am swamped by a tidal wave … Read More

2014 Victorian state election: where do the major parties stand on issues affecting women parenting alone?

CSMCState Politics

The 2014 Victorian state election is bearing down on us and considering the current national political climate the outcome is likely to be close. Federally, with the LNP claiming victory in 2013, we saw an immediate, hard shift to the political right and a steady march toward policies and tough budget measures calculated to drive vulnerable Australians, including women (and particularly women parenting alone), deeper into hardship and poverty. With this in mind, it becomes even more important for single mother families to know where our state politicians stand on issues affecting the women and children of Victoria. To help us identify … Read More

Federal Budget Summary

CSMCFederal Politics

It’s taken us a while, but CSMC has finally finished an in-depth review of the federal budget. While we did try to capture as many measures as possible likely to impact single mother families this budget has proven to be so full of hidden nastiness it’s likely there are other, individual impacts depending on your circumstances. Where we are not sure how the measures will impact single mother families, or if we think the impact is a potentially unintended consequence, we’ve sought clarity from the Treasury Department. So far they have remained unresponsive. Federal Budget 2014 Summary domain buying .

2014 Federal Budget targets those who can least afford it.

CSMCFederal Politics

Last night the federal government delivered a Budget they insist is an essential remedy to the massive financial mess left to them by the previous Labor government. Regardless of whether this is true or not (and all evidence points to, not!) what is clear is most of the ‘heavy lifting’ the government says is needed to get the economy back on track will be done by those who can least afford it. Changes to payments for families Family payments are set to undergo a two-year freeze, meaning payments will stagnate against CPI increases and the Pensioner Education Supplement will be abolished, making it … Read More

CSMC Response to Commisssion of Audit

CSMCFederal Politics

The Commission of Audit report, released on 1 May 2014, has been universally slammed by welfare groups as being unbalanced and unfair. This is a view supported by CSMC, however we would go a step further and suggest this report effectively adds up to a war on the poor, with women and children being among the hardest hit. Although Treasurer Joe Hockey has been quick to emphasise the Commission of Audit report is not the budget, the report has delivered a blueprint for the radical shake up of government programs and services, with more than 80 recommendations aimed at saving the … Read More