Federal Election 2016

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Given that 2016 is an election year, Council of Single Mothers and their Children would like to give all major political parties the opportunity to inform the votes of single mothers by sharing their policy responses with us. CSMC has written to the Greens, Labor, Liberal and National Parties with a questionnaire about policy relevant to single mothers and their children To date, only Labor has replied. You can read the full response below. An edited version will appear in the upcoming Scarlet Letter. CSMC will update this page as we receive more responses and more news with the release … Read More

Alex Girle: What A Current Affair didn’t tell you

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When Alex Girle invited reporter Ben McCormack from A Current Affair (ACA) into her home she did so openly, trusting he was there to tell her story with honesty and integrity and to report on her efforts to improve the life of her family. Alex allowed McCormack and his camera crew to spend two days following and filming her family, getting to know her and befriending her children. Watching the footage it’s clear Alex and her children felt comfortable with the reporter and were lulled into a false sense of safety. At one stage Alex’s disabled son sweetly pats McCormack … Read More

My child doesn’t want to go to visitation with the other parent. Do I have to force him?


Dara Isaacson As a family lawyer one of the most common questions that I get asked by my clients is what their obligations are when their child or children do not want to spend time with the other parent when the parents have separated. This is particularly concerning for parents when there are Court Orders in place which provide for the child to spend time with the parents. When faced with these issues one of the first questions that I ask is, what indicates to you that child X (let’s call him Lachlan for the purposes of this hypothetical) doesn’t … Read More

Tackling housing unaffordability: a 10-point national plan

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 Image courtesy of image catalog flickr cc Hal Pawson, UNSW Australia; Bill Randolph, UNSW Australia; Judith Yates, University of Sydney; Michael Darcy, University of Western Sydney; Nicole Gurran, University of Sydney; Peter Phibbs, University of Sydney, and Vivienne Milligan, UNSW Australia The widening cracks in Australia’s housing system can no longer be concealed. The extraordinary recent debate has laid bare both the depth of public concern and the vacuum of coherent policy to promote housing affordability. The community is clamouring for leadership and change. Especially as it affects our major cities, housing unaffordability is not just a problem for those … Read More

Ode to single mothers


(Image credit: David Castillo Dominici, freedigitalphotos)   by rowan white We love you when you host your baby shower, or show us that first smile which makes us laugh we say who rocks the cradle has the power and sympathise if fortune leaves you last.   You’d think that bringing babies up was good, especially when all other folk had bailed, we acted like we cared and understood, we said we knew it wasn’t you who’d ‘failed’.   For this we made you, from your days with dolls, to vacuum floors and make another’s meals. You ‘seek’ that other ‘work’ which fate … Read More

We Need a Better World, Not Better Parents

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BY ANNE FOY Photo credit: Chaiwat, FreeDigitalPhotos   It (Always) Takes Two is a Damning Sentiment Regarding Parenthood Every single parent knows what it’s like to be an outsider: It’s not just about the legal complications, outright social stigma, or the lack of inclusiveness in mainstream media; it’s in the little messages circulating back and forth which have big meaning. Single parenting may have come a long way in recent decades, making it a more tolerated and accepted aspect of parenthood in society, but single parenthood is not something to be tolerated. Single parenthood has just as much place in … Read More

His Name is Man

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By Tenar Dwyer and Kerry Davies   Three days before Man Haron Monis walked into the Lindt café in Martin Place and took 17 people hostage his conviction for using the Australian postal service to send threatening letters to war widows had been upheld in the high court. A violent predator with a history of misogynistic abuse of women, Monis was also out on bail for charges relating to his involvement with the brutal murder and immolation of his ex wife, as well as more than 50 counts of indecent assault stemming from his time as a self-styled spiritual healer. … Read More

Thank You


Thank you to all the wonderful people who donated their time and money to help bring some joy and Christmas cheer to single mothers and their children at our Toys for CSMC Kids party. We had a wonderful day and it was fabulous to meet so many mums and their kids who came along to celebrate with us. It was particularly heartening to have so many people turn up and help out on the day to make sure everyone had fun and so more kids didn’t miss out on presents this year. Thank you! Thank you to CSMC Board and … Read More

Single Mothers and the 2014 Victorian State Election

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By Tenar Dwyer   With the Victorian state election just days away we are still waiting to hear back from both the Liberal and Labor parties on where they stand on issues affecting single mothers. CSMC has made numerous attempts at contacting members of both parties but getting a response has proved almost impossible. Last week we wrote again, this time to both leaders asking to meet, but getting a face to face meeting this close to the election will be a pretty tall order. Danielle Green, Shadow Minister for Women and Member for Yan Yean, did come to visit … Read More

Death of a Statesman

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BY KERRY DAVIES Gough Whitlam may have been Prime Minister for slightly less than three years but during his short time in government he introduced some of the most far reaching and progressive social reforms in Australian history. Many of the benefits and services we still enjoy, and perhaps even take for granted, were the result of the massive achievements of the Whitlam led federal parliament of 1972-75. For women parenting alone and the newly formed Council for the Single Mother and her Child (CSMC) four years of hard lobbying work paid off when, in March 1973, the Whitlam government’s … Read More