The stubborn poverty facing single mother families

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The recently released ACOSS Poverty in Australia 2016 report tells us what we already know: lone parents, 84% of whom are single mothers, have the highest prevalence of poverty of all family types, and have done for long time. In fact, the report tells us that one third of lone parent families (34%) are living below the poverty line of 50% of the medium income. This means that 41% of children in lone parent families are in poverty (compared with 12.5% of children in couple households), an increase over the past 10 years (or more).   This leads to the … Read More

‘Basics’ are the new luxury

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Excerpt from the National Council of Single Mother’s Submission to The Social Services Legislation Amendment (Budget Repair) Bill September 2016 Successive Governments have made decisions that have resulted in reducing the main income of sole parent families – the same families who are in the most need and would have an immediate benefit with a hand up rather than increased harm. Irrespective of which ‘lens’ is applied to measure hardship such as the ACOSS Poverty Report or The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey (Hilda) it is sole parent families, 88% are headed up by a mother, who … Read More

Cuts to the Energy Supplement loom

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Parliament will return on 12 September to debate the omnibus Bill with $6.1billion in spending cuts, most of which are backed by both the government and Labor. This includes removing the Energy Supplement for new recipients of Newstart and other benefits. People already receiving the Energy Supplement will continue to receive it – for now! The Energy Supplement of $4.20 per week for singles (including single mothers), is the only real increase in the Newstart allowance in 22 years, and even with it recipients of Newstart are barely making ends meet. In fact, 55% are living below the poverty line at the current rate … Read More

Micro-Aggressions and Single Mothers

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Micro-aggressions – the many little devaluing and disrespectful verbal interactions and injustices that are almost too small to identify, but accumulate to make the recipient feel judged, undermined and demoralised. Sound familiar? I think for many single mothers, it will. Last week I was delighted to attend the Women’s Policy Action Tank which aimed to put women in the centre of policy development. It was an amazing array of cross-sector panels, new research and helpful insights, much of which is very relevant to CSMC’s work with single mothers. Still fresh in my CEO role, I was very proud to be … Read More

Party Policies

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As promised a couple of weeks ago, here is an update on the party policies for ‘Election 2016’ and the way these affect single mothers. Labor Liberal Coalition Greens

FTB: how party policies affect income support

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Family Tax Benefit (FTB) is made up of two parts (A) & (B) • FTB A is a means-tested payment for families with dependent children between the ages of 0 and 19, worth a maximum of $234 per child per fortnight, depending on income and the child’s age. • FTB B is a means-tested payment for single-parent families and families with one income of $100,000 a year or less, worth a maximum of $153 per family a fortnight, depending on the age of the youngest child and the income of any secondary income earner in the family. Changes • From … Read More

Labor’s Child Care Policy

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Yesterday, the leader of the ALP, Mr Bill Shorten announced Labor’s child care policy. Labor is promising to lift the childcare rebate cap from $7,500 to $10,000 a year per child, to help more than 100,000 families. This rebate is available to all families, regardless of income. As stated by Mr Shorten “We need to make sure that child care remains affordable, it remains quality and it remains fair.” “Child care makes the difference as to whether or not mums are able to go to work, whether children get the best start in life,” he said. When asked whether Labor … Read More

Don’t Repeal School Kids Bonus

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The Council of Single Mothers and their Children (Victoria) implore both major parties to reconsider their decision to repeal the School Kids Bonus. Both Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten made clear commitments to education during the leaders debate. However, somewhat hypocritically, both parties have agreed to remove the School Kids Bonus. The School Kids Bonus, a payment of $410 for primary school students & $820 for high school students, enables 1.3 million low income families buy the equipment, uniforms and shoes all students need be active members of their school communities. Media Contact Rose Ljubicic Ph: 0408 952 713

Day four of the election and the honours went to Melinda

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Melinda informed the Prime Minister that she is distressed by cuts to the Family Tax Benefit. The mum spoke to the Prime Minister as he did a walk through in Victoria. If the legislation becomes a reality, a sole parent family with one child over 13 years will lose approximately $2,500 per year and a sole parent with two children will lose approximately $3,000 per year. The news is worse for families with children older than 16 years, as all support will be abolished. Ironically these cuts will arrive at the most expensive time to raise children, and as families … Read More

2016 State Budget

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CSMC embraces the progressive budget handed down by the Andrews Labor Government last week. We gratefully acknowledge the governments commitment to addressing family violence, and supporting low income families. In brief, this budget will see: $148.3 million committed to the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund, which will help over 200,000 disadvantaged students receive these expensive but essential parts of an education. The expansion of a free uniform, shoes and books program run by State Schools’ Relief, so it can assist more than twice as many students every year. $81.3 million to support the work of the Royal Commission, and to … Read More