descriptionCuts to the Energy Supplement loom

Parliament will return on 12 September to debate the omnibus Bill with $6.1billion in spending cuts, most of which are backed by both the government and Labor.

This includes removing the Energy Supplement for new recipients of Newstart and other benefits. People already receiving the Energy Supplement will continue to receive it – for now!

The Energy Supplement of $4.20 per week for singles (including single mothers), is the only real increase in the Newstart allowance in 22 years, and even with it recipients of Newstart are barely making ends meet. In fact, 55% are living below the poverty line at the current rate of $570.80 a fortnight for single parents, which is a decrease in real terms of $10 per fortnight since June 1998.

Without this small amount, regardless of the reason it was provided to families in the first place (to offset the impact of the carbon price that never went ahead), Newstart recipients, in particular single mothers trying to raise children, will struggle even more to survive.
CSMC fervently encourages Labor to insist the government find more equitable means to reduce the deficit and not to support this cut to Australian’s poorest families.

Take action!

Email the Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten and ask him to support single mother families and tell him how it will effect you, or email your federal politician and ask them to support single mothers.